Wednesday, March 14, 2012

That Awkward Moment When You See Who is Also on Your Side

I'm all for the regulating of who gets to put a candidate's bumper sticker on her car or a sign promoting the candidate in her yard. "Regulate" in the sense that a given candidate is not going to want the road-rage driver or the neighborhood eyesore house pimping for him. Fringe supporters need not apply, in other words.

The comment thread on a post of mine on a local news site about the upcoming recommendations regarding boundary changes and the changing of Youngest's by-lottery school to a neighborhood one has become charged, to say the least. Lots of accusations being flung about elitism, socialism, pandering to the lowest common denominator, etc., etc. Pretty typical barbs directed at each side from the opposing side.

And then someone throws this somewhat garbled statement into the mix:

Bottom line: It's simply about being an involved, nurturing parent who places the interests of your kids above your needs. Also, too many parents not make the difficult but misguided selfish rationalization that the extra income from having both parents work will necessarily result in a better student or translate as a real benefit for the kids.

I did ask for clarification about the latter statement, but he didn't respond. But I'm pretty sure I understand what he's saying: women who work outside the home are selfish and do harm to the children.

And that's when I hope everyone who supports the notion of keeping Youngest's school a by-lottery one -- a "school of choice," if you would -- cringed at the thought that this guy was on their side. I hope they had thoughts similar to mine.

What were my thoughts?

"With friends like these, who needs enemies?"

"It always comes down to blaming the women."

"Wonder who's sporting a 'Santorum for President' sign on his lawn?"

"Fuck you, dude."


Mark LaRochelle said...

Patty, you might be jumping to conclusions. I don't see where the poster says the parent who stays home should be the mother. My wife has told me that if we have kids she would like to stay home, and I don't begrudge her that. You might be surprised who's sporting those Santorum bumper stickers.

Patois42 said...

Oh, Mark, I'm not surprised at all!

Patois42 said...

Thanks to Mark for pointing out that I might very well be jumping to conclusions. It was actually quite sexist of me to assume the blustering man was against women working outside the home. He could just as easily have been against men working outside the home.


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