Sunday, April 15, 2012

Double Ds

Did we save the best for last? Or, even if he had been first, he would have been last? Is the third time the charm? Is the first the worst, the second the best and the third the one with the treasure chest?

He is always right. Always. He must always have the last word. Always. He always hates to lose. Always. He always wants to be with us. Always.

He won't always want to be with us, though. I can see that trajectory of pulling away and preferring solitude or friends or anything but the damn parents. I see the path's endpoint; it's visible from the two who came before. The ghost images of their own trajectories remain.

He is double digits starting today. As the years pass, the speed of the years passing increases. His first 10 years with us will, in comparison, seem to have stood still, at times, compared to his next 10 and then his next 10 and then.

And then.

He is 10. I will try to revel in this moment of his being 10. And not dwell on my fear of his no longer being 9 or 6 or 3.

Happy birthday, Youngest. It's been one hell of a 10 years.


Josie Two Shoes said...

And when he is three X 10 you will all look back on these years and smile and remember what a crazy ride it was, but fun! At that point you will see his strong spirit as a gift that will get him far in life, though right now at times you might wish you could bind it and toss it in the closet for a few moments! The baby of the family always holds a very special role, and I'm betting in the end he will be the one who is by your side looking after you in later years. It will be interesting to watch... IF you survive the teen years! :-)

mayberry said...

Awww ... happy birthday! My #1 just turned 10. I can't believe I'll be here (staring 13 and 10 in the face) in just 3 years.

Tara R. said...

Turning double digits is such a cool milestone. Happy Birthday Youngest.


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