Saturday, May 5, 2012

Delusional Publicity

Oh, man, I remember those days. Someone within the bowels of the newspaper's operations would come up with a grand idea worthy of a PRESS RELEASE. (Yeah, caps were added by me for emphasis, hoping to stir in you the great import with which these folks viewed the grand idea. And thus having that stirred within you, you would shake with the realization that the caps also indicate my mocking tone.)

The idea, of course, would not be worthy of a press release. Hell, even our own newspaper wouldn't print that chum. But off I'd go, writing the damn thing and posting it on the wire at some rate hovering between just-about-chump-change and a budget item. And no one would publish it or link to it or read it. But, hey, you choose your battles when you're battling nitwits.

I've been kind of busy, so I've not had the pleasure of spending too much time looking at what the school district is up to. I had some time just now. Just now. (Italics for emphasis. Yo.) And I click the link under press releases because I'd heard nothing about the subject at all, and it seemed pretty impressive because a local high school "Welcomes Japanese Exchange Students."

That seems worthy of a press release to me. Until I read it. Those exchange students? Spent a grand total of one morning at the high school. Yes, someone somewhere forced someone else to write this PRESS RELEASE.

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