Thursday, May 10, 2012

Keep Moving Forward

It's hard to keep moving forward after a post like the last one. How do you segue? How does the inanity happening all around me get thrown up after something like that?

I have gone every morning to school, early, to try to find her. He has dropped the children off. Ever hopeful at pick-up yesterday, it was him again. Parked, as he often is, in a handicapped space. No, he is not physically disabled. By the time he arrived yesterday and claimed that spot, it was too late to reach the police to call to report him. I think I shall call in advance tomorrow, pointing out how it is a consistent occurrence.

Consider this my moving forward post.

Because whenever there is something horrific near me, I have had the supreme good luck to be able to just move forward. Dead husband? That's the client. Chronic illness? That's the co-worker. Domestic violence? That's all those other seemingly normal people.

I move forward. I shake off guilt. I am such first world.

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Josie Two Shoes said...

This is a hard post to respond to, because I know what you are saying, having been there so many times, yet I wish life wasn't that way. We do what we can for those we see in dire situations if we can, and then we have no choice but to pick up our own lives and move on. If we get pulled down into the misery that existence can be, we are good to no one, even ourselves. I hear horror stories of lives coming apart every day at my work, it hurts my heart for them, and there is little I can do to help, except be kind and compassionate, but I can't relieve their burdens or fix their broken lives. I have to set some distance when I leave each day, so that I will have perspective and strength to do it again the next day, or else I would never be able to face it. Sometimes a kind word, a caring heart, and always prayers, are all we have to give. But then again, sometimes knowing someone cares can make all the difference.


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