Friday, May 18, 2012

VOY, eh

You're looking at the Volunteer of the Year (VOY) at Daughter's middle school. My reaction to that was deep belly laughter and a shaking of my head at the thought of the ousted principal getting one last dig in.

There's a reason I like her, yeah?

Obeying the personalized -- ahem -- letter from the superintendent telling me of my selection and instructing me to contact her secretary to confirm my attendance and make my meal selection, I emailed her the following:

The folks at MIDDLE SCHOOL said they'd confirm my attendance, but I figured I'd best follow SUPERINTENDENT's instructions in her letter.

Yes, I'll be at the Volunteer Luncheon.

I'd like the Asian Chopped Salad, please.

I understand it is BYOB.


P.S. I am joking about the last item.

I crack me up, yo!

Proving that they are not all humorless over there, the secretary replied almost immediately that, yes, she had been told by the principal that I'd be there and she'd even been told my food selection, and "the BYOB would add a little flavor to the event."


Josie Two Shoes said...

Love it!! Even faced with some really trying situations this year, you've managed to keep your sense of humor intact! Can you imagine if it really was BYOB?! I used to find the way people transformed with a couple drinks quite amazing at the annual banquet in a job I held many years. Suddenly you saw a side of them you never knew... and maybe didn't want to! :-)

Magpie said...


Tara R. said...

You should really bring a nice bottle of sake. It would be delicious with your salad.

Congrats on the kudos.


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