Friday, July 27, 2012

Our Kingdom of Days

Knowing we have nothing of any substance saved to pay college tuition and knowing the absolutely tattered formerly great state of California will continue to pilfer from education in general and from post-secondary education in particular and knowing how the various UC schools and CSU schools are layered upon layered upon layered with not only heavy pension obligations but also a morbidly obese number of administrators and knowing more and more cuts are coming, I have a plan.

We are talking the other evening at dinner, and I mention my plan. It includes Pete and I legally separating and him setting up residence in either Oregon or Washington. When Eldest graduates from high school in three years, he can toddle off to Pete's new home state and pay in-state tuition. Daughter can do the same the following year. Four years later, Youngest will do the same.

Under that scenario, we can afford college.

"Wait a minute," Pete says. "Your first blog post in two months is about your sexual fantasies involving old men, and now you want to legally separate? What are you up to?"

Happy birthday, dear Pete. It's nice to see that I have someone like you for making all my fantasies come true. Especially those involving old men.


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