Sunday, August 19, 2012

Who's the Grumpy Old Troll Who Lives Under the Bridge?

Lions and tigers and trolls. Oh my! Lions and tigers and trolls. Oh my!

Not here. Comments off.

And no trolls really firing in my direction, either. That's probably just temporary, though. Eventually, I will fall out, one way or another, on the whole school-related crap going on around these here parts. Fence walking is for sissies.

Fall out by choosing a side. And then see the fallout as there truly apparently cannot be a middle ground on the issue of creating a new pre-K through 8th grade charter in our town. Reasonable people are not allowed to disagree. Not in public forums. Not in emails to friends. Not on playgrounds. Not in private conversations with people you think are your friends.

Disagree to anyone other than your spouse -- and be careful even then -- and you're toast. Trolls sporting names meant to bemuse will out you and seek to make you uncomfortable among peers. They will hide behind righteousness and the American way. And they will fuck you over.

Because you are wrong. And how dare you believe other than the way of the true believers, the righteous among us.

You will be outed.

Meanwhile, the very, very, very few of us who have this awesome superpower to see two sides to an issue will back away, muttering to each other, cleaving to the relative calm that is a morning hike with dogs.

So, riddle me this: do we have a line we collectively won't cross?


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