Monday, October 22, 2012

Chart(er)ing a New Course

So, yeah, there's a charter school that they're trying to open for the 2013-14 school year. It's slated to be a pre-K through 8th grade school. I see K-8 and, honestly, the only thing that comes to mind for me is a religious school.

And that kind of makes me chuckle -- when I'm not all mopey -- because, first, it really is like a religion, with ardent and fevered supporters on one side and the unclean and atheist on the other side.

I probably shouldn't write this after I've had one hell of a day and am currently on my second drink. Of course, noting that I'm on my second drink makes me out to be such a lightweight when, in reality, I drink far too much to be a lightweight.

And then THAT all starts to sound like I'm trying to prove what a "man" I am, which makes me laugh uproariously because then I start thinking of those two clowns running for POTUS and how they just both keep coming back to being so pro-drilling. And you know that's all just phallic trash talkin', right?



You won't find many people who hate the school district more than I do. They are, almost to a person, untrustworthy and only concerned about their jobs and their salaries and their positions. They are liars and double-crossers and posers. [I do not find that to be true of everyone, but it only takes a handful to be like that, particularly a few in power, to make that the path that is charted for everyone.] And under no circumstances will I vote for any of the fucking tax increases to give them one more ill-gotten dime to blow on securing their jobs and their salaries and their positions and enabling them to lie more and double-cross more and pose forevermore.

And, yet, here I live, unable to sell my house even if I could convince my children I would so NOT be ruining their lives this late in the game by pulling up stakes and going off to places where the reek of the school district doesn't bring to mind the sewage treatment plant.

If I want my son to have a middle school experience and learn how to live in a world where he is NOT a prince and he is NOT all that and he is NOT any more special than any kid is, then it is off to the jungle of the school district's middle schools that I send him. [Even, quite likely, into the den of the previously mentioned skeevy perv.]

The choice is middle school or three years of sheltered alternate universe that is the proposed charter. No middle school. Sixth grade -- Youngest's grade -- will be a class of 32. There will be no 7th grade or 8th grade. That class will open the middle school at the charter. They will be the oldest on campus for three more years.

And fully 28 of the people signing the petition to form the charter attend his elementary school, which means one-third of the kids he goes to school with, kids he's gone to school with for years, are hoping to go that route. I can't fathom it. I can't justify doing it.

World, meet Youngest. Youngest, meet World.


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