Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Good with the Bad

Lest I only show my evil side, let me share some of the goodness I've done of late.

A very long and winding story that I will sum up in three tweet-length sentences:

High school wrestling coach moved to neighborhood not long ago. Never met him. But met his boy, wife, baby girl and pit bull.

Last week saw collar-less, owner-less pit bull wandering on my street. Walked him 1/4-mile back to what I thought was his house. No 1 home.

Tracked down coach I've never met at family reunion via finagling. Reached coach. Confirmed his dog. "Broke" into his house to put dog back.

That's good, isn't it? And, BTB (of by-the-by as we ex-hippies say), if that old man at the gas station had gone all "old man" on me, I totally would have been all, "Hey, no problem. It is confusing." But, no, he opted for going all dickhead.

I spotted an acquaintance with a broken down SUV stuck right at/in an intersection. I offered to help push the car. Asked if I could take her somewhere. Hung out with her while angry motorists made their way around her and didn't flip any single one off.

I'm covering Fridays on my frickin' own at work from 9:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. In Oakland! Oakland! And I'm doing that because I'm letting my colleague take Fridays off and covering the evening shift because the regular guy has been in the hospital for a month and will likely never come back. And did I mention it was Oakland! Did I tell you it was Oakland right near the Occupy motherfuckers?!

I haven't gone all Ricky Gervais on anyone for their beliefs.

Screw it. I'd rather be Gervaising. Damn, I just thought of that word. I'm going to tweet that to him right now and see if it catches on. You saw it here first, folks.


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