Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gravitational Fields

There's some kind of force exerted when you encounter another soul not unlike yourself. That's not to say I could ever be the dynamo and force of will and mischief that was Dale Romer. After a long and storied career selling ads for those San Francisco rags, pairing a persona of oozing salesperson with a truer hip, good-time-lovin' friend, she landed in, of all places, an elementary school library. She hid those adult parts from her charges, although she let the parents see her for who she really was.

True to form, she was fucked-over by the evil that is inherent in that school district. You know who they are. "Funny" how evil has its way.

But that's not for regaling people with today. Today, I regale you with Dale and me on sales calls, her oozing her salesperson best and me acting the wonky numbers person. Nate Silver in pantyhose and heels. Dale, coming by my house with doughnuts to bestow upon two very happy little kids, Eldest and Daughter. Dale, celebrating her 50th at the Wild Fox. She could fill an entire restaurant several times over with folks wishing her only the best.

Dale knew there were limits to her life expectancy, of course. Cancer at a relatively young age left her vulnerable, but I think it also freed her to be Dale.

Good-bye, Dale. I will always remember you.

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