Monday, January 14, 2013

Everyone has a Price, Even Schools

Eldest took his PSAT in the fall, as a sophomore, because it seemed like a good idea to get some practice in on college testing. The only ones we've heard of since then are the vulture companies preying on the fears of students and parents regarding getting a HIGH score so the kid can get into a GOOD college and be a BIG success at life, none of which will happen, of course, unless you pony up an astronomical amount of money to the vulture for-profit tutoring and SAT prep companies to whom the so-called "esteemed" College Board sells your kid's name and contact information.

Fuck, right.

Right after the return from Christmas break, the high school weekly newsletter touts the following:

HIGH SCHOOL and Revolution Prep will host a PSAT night for parents and students on Tuesday, January 15 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the HIGH SCHOOL Library. PSAT scores of students will also be handed out that night. The discussion will help you understand how you performed on each section and how to read the scores you received on the PSAT. Please come and join us.

Sorry, wait, what? To get the PSAT scores I have to go to a meeting put on by one of those aforementioned vultures?

Fuck, wrong.

Which is why I found myself this morning, having stewed on it for more than a week, sending the following email to the principal:

I'm wondering if you could tell me the relationship between HIGH SCHOOL and Revolution Prep. I'm asking because of a notice in the enews, along with a link to a flyer.

As near as I can tell, Revolution Prep is a for-profit company that charges $600 (or more) for SAT and ACT prep. Why in the world would I need to go to get my son's PSAT scores at such an event? I don't. In fact, I can just log onto Aeries and see the scores myself. But do you know how I found that out? Not by any notice from the school.

I'm going to make a giant leap that HIGH SCHOOL gets some kind of kick-back for this "partnership." I'd like to know what it is. More importantly, I'd like that to be divulged to everyone. And I'd like parents and students not to believe that the only way to find out about PSAT performance -- or performance on any test -- isn't by going to a vaguely disguised sales pitch.

Thanks in advance for any and all information you can provide me, PRINCIPAL. I appreciate it.

What a load of bullshit. I can't wait to hear back from him. Tick tock. Tick tock.


Magpie said...

Oh, do report back, tick tock.

Janet said...

I can't wait to hear about this one!!


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