Saturday, January 5, 2013

Everyone's a Winner!

The president of the California state PTA announced via a blog post on a local Patch site a new award, the PTA Teachers - Making a Difference Award. All well and good, yeah? I mean, there are plenty of teachers I'd nominate for such an award.

The blog post has been derailed for a variety of reasons, so I confess that I didn't pay enough attention to the original blog post because the comments have been so freakin' entertaining. I just went back and read the original post again, and now I'm truly entertained.

Carol Kocivar, the state PTA president, writes, "Nominations can be made throughout the year. Every nominated teacher will receive a letter of appreciation and a certificate. One teacher's name will be drawn monthly for special recognition, a free registration to the California State PTA Annual Convention and a gift basket of software/hardware, valued at $100 to $200, donated by our newest Member Perks provider, JourneyEd."

Read that carefully. Every single teacher nominated will receive a letter of appreciation and a certificate. Every single one. And the winner each month? The one who gets "special recognition"? Randomly selected from all of the nominations.

No vetting.

No judging.

No reading of the reasons for nominating. "She helped me tie my shoe." "She always says 'Good morning.'" "He is nice." "He saw the good deep within me and encouraged me to leave the drug life and make a true contribution to society."

Kum-fuckin'-ba-ya, people. The most lame recognition a teacher should ever want. Everyone's a winner! Everyone is equal! No one deserves true recognition.

Shameful, California PTA. Not surprising, mind you, but shameful nonetheless.

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Magpie said...

I think it's Kum-ba-fuckin'-ya, myself.


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