Saturday, February 9, 2013

Principal: Drunk or Hacked?

First, this email comes from the principal:

Dear SCHOOL  Parents,

Due to incidents that have occurred after school, I need to remind everybody that there is no supervision after school.
  • Students who are being picked up by parent/caregivers must wait in front of the school.
  • If parent/caregivers are picking up their children in other places, such as the playground or park, parent/caregivers must be at that location when children are dismissed.
  • If, for some reason, parent/caregivers are running late, call the school and we will make arrangements for the child to wait in the office. Remember, our office closes at 4:00.
  • Do not expect another child’s parent/caregiver to watch your child unless you have made explicit arrangements.
We will be working with North Bay Security in ensuring that our children are being safely monitored after school. If there are concerns, parents will be contacted.

We appreciate your support in keeping all children safe.

NAME, Principal

Reasonable enough -- not content, mind you, but message construction.

Moments later, this arrives, also purportedly from the principal:

The incidents I meant school after having to do with students not getting along with others. I am, however, concerned about the students themselves hurt or being in dangerous situations. I apologize if I alarmed anyone unnecessarily. 


Los incidentes que quería decir la escuela después de haber tenido que ver con los estudiantes no llevarse bien con los demás. Estoy, sin embargo, preocupado por los estudiantes se lastiman o estar en situaciones peligrosas. Pido disculpas si he alarmado a nadie innecesariamente. 

Drunk or hacked? You be the judge.

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