Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Letter I Won't be Sending

Dear Dr. X,

When my son, Eldest, heard about the internship opportunities at your institution, he was quite excited. A world-class scientific research organization, right in our own backyard, with paid internships for high school juniors and seniors seemed far too good to be true. Me being me, I stressed the competition he'd be facing -- comparably smart and capable and eager students in the two counties -- so as not to have him be too disappointed if he didn't make the cut for one of the dozen openings.

I guess your position as Educational Outreach coordinator or what-have-you doesn't permit you to realize that an entire county is out on spring break the day you sent emails congratulating the applicants selected for an interview. And scheduling the interviews for four days later, when the kids are all still out -- and, in our case, gone -- for spring break? Also, clearly not part of your job description.

Should Eldest have checked his email while he was gone? Yeah. Sure. Even though the information about the openings indicated it was at the end of the month that applicants would learn their fate, he should have checked his email.

When he did return on the Sunday and saw your email of several days earlier describing an interview date and time that had already passed, he immediately sent you an email explaining his absence and asking if it was at all possible for him to still get a chance to interview for the internship.

You didn't reply on Monday.

You didn't reply on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, he phoned you, leaving a message on your voicemail, repeating what was in his email to you.

You didn't call him back on Wednesday.

Or Thursday.

Or Friday.

Or ever.

Which quite frankly leaves me puzzled as to what message you think you are leaving by, well, not leaving a message. I mean, besides that there's no chance for the interview to be rescheduled.

I'll tell you what the message is, dear doctor-but-not-the-kind-who-can-actually-help-me-if-I-am-injured-or-ill, it's "People suck, kid, even when they are supposed to be in a position helping youth, they suck."

Truly, how fucking hard could it have been to send a note, "Sorry, it's too late. Try again next year." Look it. It just took me two seconds to type that.

Your job title indicates you work with teens as part of your job description. Your inability to respond is reprehensible. Hey, I bet your Ph.D is in Reprehensible Behavior. Well earned, lady. Well earned.


Magpie said...

that's so beyond wrong.

S said...

Gah. That's not right, or kind.

Jocelyn said...

I'm hollering on your son's behalf. My current hugest peeve is people who don't reply to a message, even to acknowledge its receipt in very short fashion. JEEEEEEEEEESUS.


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