Monday, April 22, 2013

This, That and the Other

On the downhill slide of April, heading into May. It's been a hectic but enjoyable month, assuming we leave out all of the work stuff. And shouldn't that be what we do anyway? Yeah.

Washington, D.C., with the kids was fabulous. Fabulous in many ways, not the least of which is I got to spend time with good friends from long ago. I might venture to say they're no longer frozen in time. The great thaw of '13.

We saw all the sights to we could manage, and we couldn't have picked a better time to go. Oh, right, we could have. It was so freakin' humid that the kids didn't ask one single time why I don't live in the metro D.C. area anymore. If anyone knows my famous sweat-like-a-pig gene, it's those offspring of mine.

The kids behaved. IKR?! Really, they were superb and only reverted to their regular disdain of each other when Pete arrived on the scene after nearly six days. It just goes to show you: he's the problem.

As far as air travel goes, though, let me give a shout down to Virgin America, which we thought would be awesome but which turned out to be as cheap and unhelpful as any American airline. Way to go, Virgin! No pillows. No blankets. Sure, TV screens at every seat, but you had to pay to watch anything other than crappy satellite TV. Shit, don't the other airlines at least play movies for free? And what's with the no pillows or blankets? On a red-eye, no less!

Delayed thanks to runway construction at SFO -- a shout down to San Francisco fucking things up even when we're across the country -- Youngest "won" a free movie (or cocktail) pass whilst we whiled away the two-hour delay at the gate. I say "won" because when we tried to redeem it, the flight attendant said they couldn't do free movies, but why not enjoy a cocktail? Because he's 11?!

And 11 he is, good ole demon spawn. Thankfully, we made it back to San Francisco on Sunday, so he managed to not be in the air on his birthday. Could have gone either way, really.

How did he celebrate? Kamping at a nearby KOA with five of his buddies for the weekend. And me. With them. All of them. If that's not proof of true love, I don't know what is. What? "Demon spawn" is totally a term of endearment.

If that's not enough excitement, Daughter has her weekend-long dance Extravaganza coming up. So guess who came back from camping and then spent two hours helping set up the gym? Go on, guess!

Busy, busy, busy. With more to come, what with the run up to the end of school including, praise Buddha, the end of the elementary school. Cannot happen soon enough. Cannot.

I just remembered that I meant to share me as a Homo floresiensis. Thank you, Natural History Museum. A shout out to all of the Smithsonian museums: free. Free. FREE!

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