Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sometimes it Feels Good to Hit "Send"

I wrote an email. I set it aside. And I waited. And I waited.

And then I hit "Send."

And you know what, I feel better.

Dear Daughter's Dance Teacher,

I am writing this after the Extravaganza but will not be sending it to you until after the 3/4 auditions so as not to put you or Daughter in an awkward position. I wanted to let you know how disappointed I was that the 1/2 class had only three performances in the Extrav and those in 3/4 had six. I’m disappointed in particular as, with the exception of the Big Band performance in the fall, this was the one and only performance that the 1/2 class had. The list of other performances for 3/4 is quite long.

I am puzzled as to why a discipline which is purportedly a performance one would have so few opportunities to actually perform. Yes, the students can take the initiative and perform in the soiree as well, which Daughter did at the first soiree of the year. Considering that one of the dances the 1/2 class performed was the same they had performed at the Big Band in the fall, that means only two dances of theirs were designed specifically for the one performance opportunity.

I find that incredibly imbalanced. Throughout the year, my husband and I have been asked to contribute monetarily to Big and Important School of the Arts Within the High School and to the Dance Boosters. I'd be curious to know how, precisely, that BISAWHS-suggested per-student donation of $600 would have been appropriate.

Daughter has only positive things to say about you. This is not a criticism of your teaching. But it is a criticism of the design of the dance program that leaves students in both levels putting in the same amount of class time but having far different levels of performing.

Thank you in advance for taking what I have said to heart. And I trust that you will let me know if you would like me to elaborate on my concern.

Sometimes, hitting "Send" makes all the difference in the world.

Is there a lot of back story to this? Yeah, probably. Does this email make me look like a bitch? Yeah, probably. Even with the back story? Probably not. But maybe.

You know when you know you're old? When you just don't care what other people think of you. Time to start wearing more purple.

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