Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nearly a First Job

Dear Local Office Supply Store,

I suppose I should be grateful that you interviewed my son -- twice -- for a part-time position in your store. I suppose I should also be grateful that you took it upon yourself in the first interview to wax poetic about his application and accompanying letter. And I suppose I should also be grateful that, in the second interview, you took him around and showed him what he would be doing in the job and that you checked his availability to start RIGHT AWAY.

Grateful, sure. You gave him experience in filling out a job application and going through the interview process.

Grateful, too, that you provided him further proof that people suck. As if he didn't know that already.

You see, you never called him back to tell him he didn't get the job. You never called him back at all. You made him call you to find out that you had opted for someone else. The fact that you didn't hire him? No problem. The fact that you couldn't be bothered to call him to let him know he hadn't been hired? Big fucking problem.

Forget that it was his first go at a job. Forget that. That shouldn't matter. What should matter is, if you are going to call someone in for an interview -- twice -- you should have the common fucking decency to call him or her afterwards and say you weren't going to hire him. Because, hello, that's common fucking decency.

So, dear Ideal Stationers, screw you. Screw you.

Hey, let's Google "Ideal Stationers." But let's not shop there. 'K?

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