Monday, August 19, 2013

how hot is it?

hot enough that this decades-old woman initiates romping in the pool.

hot enough that I play in the pool with the three kids, playing Alcatraz but not letting Daughter win.

hot enough that the only sound above our laughter is the hum of all of our neighbors' central air conditioning units.

hot enough that feet burn on the rim and wood planks around the pool so we dampen the white to cool our treads.

hot enough that i hearken back to a florida june when you lived.

hot enough that i recall that florida july when you died.

hot enough that sweat dripping off me now brings me back.

hot enough that i wish i believed in a hell and a heaven so that i could see you again.

hot enough.


S said...

this is lovely, and poignant.

Anonymous said...

See him all the time........
In my dreams.
Brother Steve


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