Friday, August 16, 2013

The Laziest of Summers Comes to a Close

It hasn't been a lazy summer for me, of course. There's that job that doesn't quit with the school calendar. It collided mightily with the already mostly vacation-less summer plans, to the point where our only "real" vacation was all of six days long, and the last two had me working from the white-trash trailer in the white-trash South Lake Tahoe campground while Pete and the kids went swimming and kayaking.

I could go on about the work, but I'll just leave it at that.

The kids, then, spent a lot of time at home. A LOT. Eldest got on his teen schedule of staying up until the wee hours of the morning and sleeping in until the late hours of the morning. Youngest honed his Minecraft skills. Daughter scored big time, getting a whirlwind tour down south which included limo rides, a behind-the-scenes tour of a sitcom taping, parasailing and horseback riding, all courtesy of her amazing Aunt Ginny.

[I do believe kids with childless-by-choice aunts have perhaps the sweetest lives. Or perhaps it's just my kids who've been particularly blessed.]

It's been great not having to worry about carpools and making 540 lunches over the course of the school year and harassing two out of three kids to get their goddamned homework done and schlepping two out of three kids to dance and soccer and back again. It's been great not having to stick to a go-to-sleep schedule. It's been great not having to force one out of three kids up in the morning.

All those big projects I was going to undertake at home were never undertaken. Pete's office is still filled with bags and boxes of toys and books and clothes and no-longer-loved stuffed animals waiting for the garage sale that never was. The back 40 still needs another weed-whacking. The front 5 still needs raking. The closets still need cleaning out.

Wednesday comes soon enough to shake out the lazy.

Come Thursday -- Friday at the latest -- I'm pretty sure I'll be missing the lazy.


Sarah said...

We have until the 27th. I am treasuring the minutes...

Sarah said...

Oh, and my youngest is also Minecraft-addicted, to the point where his older brother calls him "Crafty."

Patois42 said...

How I love the thought of "Crafty" as a moniker.


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