Monday, September 30, 2013

Life Round Up

Too many damn things going on. No time to blog. Yet here I am, trying to play catch-up.

Daughter got called into the counselor's office and told she'd been recommended for English Honors. Totally flattering, right? Until you dig a little deeper and realize the offer was made because her regular English teacher had exceeded the number of students permitted by the contract. In other words, fuck what's good for the kid, just honor the contract. And you wonder why I ended up anti-union?

Eldest remains Eldest. Hard-working, setting the curve in his classes, pissing off people. Working hard at JROTC. Golden boy. With few outlets outside his family and fellow cadets. Heart-breaking, sure. But manages to fill my heart with such joy.

Youngest and I and friend and another mother and her boy meandered down to soccer tournament in Modesto for the weekend. I pace the sidelines, following the action, running at times to keep up with it all, teasing the boys that I go faster than they do. In the end, three nail-biter games, and they win. Champions for their age group. Makes the hardship so worth it.

Never realized that I could love a sport. But soccer? Trumps all else.

Husband is gone before we return home, leaving me sans a co-parent to deal with the insanity of high school kids and a middle school kid. In the midst of one of my biggest projects of the year.

So forgive me if I am crazed this week. Zero catch-up time on the weekend because I was hanging out on the soccer fields of Modesto, marveling in the wonder that is one of my marvelous kids.

Eventually, I will wax eloquently about the dickhead coach I mentioned not that long ago. And I'll delve into the ins and outs of a school district who sends out high-cost pamphlets in hopes of swaying us to vote for a parcel tax that I will fight bitterly. Why? Because that district sucks.

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