Sunday, September 8, 2013

Only I Get to Call My Kids Names

I think this email I just sent adequately describes what I'm stewing about at the moment:

I am writing to make a formal complaint against Coach X for his reprehensible behavior after the Fall League game of Youngest's team vs. Coach X's team yesterday. My son, Youngest, is on the Novato team. After the game had ended and the teams were high-fiving, Coach X called my son a “jackass” because he says my son did not high-five him. He said this in front of many players on both teams.
Let me state for the record that good sportsmanship is something I support and promote, and my husband and I have told Youngest in no uncertain terms that the two teams greeting and saluting each other’s efforts is something he should always fully participate in.
But Coach X's behavior was beyond unacceptable. If the parents of the players on the teams he coaches want to put up with the bullying and attitude displayed by that coach, that’s up to them. But opposing players and their parents should never have to put up with such unprofessionalism, such disrespect and such bullying as an adult calling an 11-year old boy a “jackass.”
Following the game, Coach X apparently apologized to our coach and to the referees. He made no effort to apologize to my son or his teammates. Apparently, Coach X doesn’t feel children merit apologies even in the face of such outrageous behavior.
I want action taken by the Coach X's league and NorCal against Coach X. I encourage you to contact Youngest's coach to confirm that what I am saying accurately reflects what occurred. And then I want action taken.


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