Saturday, October 19, 2013

I'm Sorry if You Were Offended is Never an Apology

Remember that dickhead coach who called my son a "jackass" awhile back? I'll make it easy for you by linking here.

Tomorrow, Youngest's team is going to be slaughtered by his premier league team in a state cup match. I plan to bring a video camera with every intent of loading onto YouTube the non-stop abuse this coach expels during a game. Yes, I have every expectation that Youngest's gold-rated team will be annihilated by a team up one full level in expertise. But, yes, I also expect the coach to go all ape-shit as he does at every game. It is a sight to see.

His "apology" reeks of the apology one sees from politicians when they realize they have offended far too many constituents that they might actually lose the next shoo-in election. "I'm sorry if you were offended." Not, "I'm sorry for offending you because I fucked up." But "I'm sorry you were offended because you fucked up."

Game on.

I am writing this e-mail in response to an incident that took place September 7th at Branson school after a game between OPPOSING CLUB U12 and TOWN U12 boys. It has been brought to my attention by our club president that my post-game comment with regards to a  TOWN player`s behavior indeed offended him and hurt the feelings of both he and his family. For this I am truly sorry, that was not my intention.
Very briefly I would like to give you my perspective of the incident as a coach and father of 3 boys.
The game itself was a terrific encounter, played with wonderful sportsmanship by both teams, finishing in a 1-1 tie. We lined up for our customary handshake/high five and this particular TOWN player, number 17, chose not to congratulate and pulled his hand away from some of my players and also myself. I took this as a sleight [sic] of my boys and a general disrespect of the game of soccer. I asked him why he didn't shake my hand, he didn't answer and just continued walking to his bench area. The TOWN coach, asked if I had a problem and I told him this particular boy was acting like a `jack-ass` and disrespecting the game. He told me he would take care of it, I thanked him and returned to my bench area.
As a professional coach I understand I am held to a high standard and once more would like to offer my sincerest apologies to anybody that I may have offended with my inappropriate choice of words.
Having coached over 500 games for OPPOSING CLUB  I am disappointed that I may have tarnished our club`s reputation within our community. I will endeavor to make sure this does not happen again.
I ask that you please forward this e-mail to all involved in this unfortunate incident.
Thank you,

It is not as he described. Not at all. 

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