Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Spoiling the Sick

Eldest made it as far as today, a Wednesday in mid-October in his junior year of high school, before having to miss a day of high school due to illness. (Which is not to say that he hasn't taken his one day each year that I like to call "Get Out of School Free." You know, one day per school year that a child can ask, "Mom, can I stay home from school?" It is my very own brainchild. You are welcome to use it as your own.)

Truly feeling lousy, the lad is. He felt lousy yesterday, too, but he's nothing if not a dedicated attendee of school. So very unlike his own mother ever was. His father, too. My junior and senior years of school, I skipped days and classes two or three times a week. (Yes, still got straight A's. Thanks for your concern.)

We were out of daytime medicine, so I hightailed it over to the store for some. So early in the morning, no "real" sinus medication was available so he's making do with faux-pseudephedrine. (Big shout-out to the feds for managing to continue their nanny state oversight even during the faux-shutdown.)

In addition to bringing home the drugs, I also brought the boy some orange juice, two bottles of lemonade, a twist donut and the beloved chocolate pudding from his youth. Good mom-mom.


Sarah said...

Aww. Hope he feels better tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Pampered!!! I never got Chocolate Pudding when I had my Bypass!


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