Wednesday, October 9, 2013

There's No "I" in Government

I hereby declare for all to acknowledge that, effective immediately, I will never never NEVER vote for another incumbent, no matter what the level -- school district, city council, county supervisor, assemblyman, state senator, governor, U.S. representative, U.S. senator or president of these fine United States.

Who's with me?

Politicians are so entrenched and assured of re-election -- even newcomer Tea Party nitwits in gerrymandered congressional districts -- that there is no need for them to give a damn about me or you or anyone but themselves.

So never never NEVER again will I vote for an incumbent. Will my vote matter? It doesn't now. It doesn't ever.


Magpie said...

we have a nasty contested election going on in my town right now. it's yuck vs. yuck. i swear, i'm going to write in three people just because i can't bear to vote for any of the people running.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Leigh for my Senator last election -- write-in candidate -- because I have no respect for the 2 who represent California now. And I voted for Tom for my representative. Love, ginny

Sarah said...

My husband and I were just discussing whether Congress might be impeachable.

Anonymous said...

You know me! I always vote for you. Although the Leigh for Senator campaign just got another vote next time out. I'm with Ginny.

Jocelyn said...

It's not hard to convince someone who doesn't believe in the process--to the point that she's voted maybe three times in her life. I first voted in my late thirties. I'm still never sure I'm going to vote again.

These days, I'm feeling more and more like my voting days might be behind me.

Anonymous said...

Been a lot of people who share your opinion, issue being the moment they are elected they become part of the problem. However, there are just too many instances where I could not justify voting out the incumbent, i.e. Clinton vs Dole, Obama vs. Romney,etc. Here in Florida I have a personal acquaintance with Bill Nelson, and know him to be such a worthy person to trust that I doubt I will ever vote against him. Nonetheless, your point has merit, most politicians are scum and should be viewed as such.
Much love,
Brother Steve

Patois42 said...

Brother Steve, I have the benefit of living in a most liberal district in a most liberal county in a most liberal state that my vote really doesn't matter. Yet I will continue to vote for Leigh and my husband and Dr. None of the Above so I can sleep at night. A little.


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