Saturday, November 2, 2013

P.S. Blue Shield of California

Remember the rant about a month ago? I'm happy to say that I persevered through the travesty that is the Covered California website this morning. And I signed Pete up for new health insurance starting January 1.

For all those naysayers talking about the awfulness that is Obamacare, let me give you a fer-instance about what it means to me and mine.

It means you can't charge Pete $975 per-fucking-month for insurance.

It means you can't nickel-and-dime him at the beginning of each year for pharmaceutical deductibles.

It means we will have about $5,000 more each year to spend or save.

It means, you know, things are finally going right in the U.S.A.

So, go ahead, bitch about it all you want about how it's a debacle and it's not sustainable and it's socialism because we're headed to a single-payer system.

Go on. When you go out of business, dear motherfucking Blue Shield of California, then? Then? Then, I'll be satisfied.

But only then.

I want to know who can possibly work for the health insurance industry. Do you all belong on my to-die list?


That is all.

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