Monday, December 16, 2013


I have a friend. Well, maybe not a friend, but an acquaintance. A couple of our kids are similarly aged so we operate around the same schools and sports teams.

Issues arise, of course, as issues are apt to do. In the end, her daughter became out of control. Mine remains firmly in control. For that, Zurg, I am eternally grateful.

Daughter tells me the other day that the other girl became pregnant, following a 16-month binge of independence from her mother.

Pregnant. Living with her dad following outlandish allegations against the mother who, like us all, wanted the best for her kids.

The hard conversation today that I had with her mother is one that left me tearful and her mother transcendent. She knew it would come down to this.

If I don't say often enough that I am grateful to have been blessed with children who show no sign of chucking it all to be in the clique or to be that girl (or guy), let me say it now for all eternity: thank you.


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