Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Were I to Die Tonight

First, I'd want my husband and my three fabulous kids and my darling sister and everyone else to know that I adore them beyond belief.

Second, I'd want Corrie the Wonder Mutt to know she was the best dog ever.

And I would want to thank Vero for all that she has been to me.

But, mostly, I'd want to come back to haunt you who fucked with me. (BTW, isn't it great that "fucked" doesn't end up with a red squiggly line that says it's not a recognized word?)

We own what we say. And you can hold it against us. But you can't stop us from saying it, from screaming from the highest rooftops. You can't, dance teacher. And you can't, assistant principal. And you can't, principal.

We get to say it: you suck.

We don't get to say, "Fire," in a crowded theatre.

But we get to say, "YOU SUCK!!!!" In all caps, and boldface, if we can afford the ink.

1 comment:

S said...

Yowza! You have been through it!


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