Sunday, September 14, 2014

Unprejudiced Pride

Or maybe just a little bit of prejudice.

Eldest went to Boys' State this year, beating out the likely shoo-in quarterback for the honor. He skipped more than half of our every-other-year-or-so visit to Pete's home country in order to attend. We left him whilst we tramped through the Jurassic Coast and Manchester and the Harry Potter Studio Tour outside of London, more than 5,000 miles away from him.

Rather, he left us to go spend a week in a dorm at Sacramento State with 998 other equally impressive incoming high school seniors. We encouraged it, but he really needed no encouragement. Were ever there a near-man ready to make his own way, it is that first-born son of mine. The fact that my heart breaks into teeny little pieces whenever I imagine him gone is immaterial.

Like all children, he is merely on loan to me.

Friday night, the American Legion hosted the boys and girls they had sent off to Boys' State and Girls' State. They all got up on stage and spoke of their experiences. I turned to Pete and said, "Does he know he needs to speak?" Because he hadn't mentioned it to me or his dad.

When it came his turn, I sat in stunned awe at the man at the focal point on stage. He spoke eloquently. He made jokes which induced audience laughter. He made several points that induced audience applause. He was freakin' amazing.

And while I'd really like to say, "I made that," that's not anywhere near to the truth. He is who he is. He will be who he will be.

I'm filled with an overflowing sense of pride, but not a deadly sin kind of pride.

Because, you see, I've only been borrowing him.

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