Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Part Two

I'm a bit late in posting, of course. You can blame Verizon for that. I do.

So what happened following the coaches' complaints? Nothing. Youngest got no ref assignments last weekend. He's completely free this weekend, but I'm guessing there will be no assignments forthcoming.

Here was his response to the complaints. Can you tell he was standing right next to me while I typed it? And can you tell that kid is my kid?

This is from YOUNGEST:
1.  The back pass. The coach told the player to pass it back to the goal keeper, but when she passed it back, the keeper picked it up, and I blew my whistle. I called for an indirect free kick. She passed it to a teammate and the girl scored.
2.  First hand ball. The ball was on the goal line, but it hadn't gone out, but the girls thought that it was a goal kick. But I said "Play on." The goal keeper picked it up, then handed it to another girl. I blew my whistle and said, "No, it's not a goal kick. Play on." (I did this because they are 9-year-old girls who were confused about the ball being still in play.)
3. The final hand ball. The girl kicked it into the box and it hit a girl's hand, but I didn't blow my whistle because the ball then landed at the feet of a girl on the attacking team, who had an open goal. I played the advantage. It was easier for her to score that goal then to score a penalty. However, she missed the goal. In my opinion, that was a good call. If I she had scored and I had called it back, I bet the coach would be even more angry.
4. I can't address what my co-official might have done regarding the ball going out. My dad was there for three-quarters of the game and saw only one instance of that happening.
I was not going to say anything to you about the coach's behavior, but I did tell both my parents about his sarcastic and rude comments about my ability as a ref. I ignored his comments because it was clear to me that I know the rules of the game and that I enforced them. I'm glad he now knows what the rules are about pass backs and playing the advantage.

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