Sunday, January 18, 2015

Disappointed by Humans...Again

Our town has been hit in recent weeks with an unusual number of daytime (and nighttime) home burglaries. About a week ago, a house two blocks away was hit at about 10 a.m. They took the usual: laptop, jewelry, cash, blank checks, etc. In other words, they took the easy-to-grab items and off they vanished. Neighbors were home. No one heard a thing.

At the same time, there have been so-called magazine solicitors all over the town. They're the types that are brought in by the van-load and then go door-to-door, aggressively and sometimes quite rudely telling a sob story of woe and turning their lives around. They run the gamut from well dressed to skanky. They are hard-core salespeople who don't like to take the first "no" or the second "no" or ever the third "no" for an answer.

And then there's the pair of men tooling around town in a gold Lexus and going to gas stations and convenience stores, harassing people they come in contact with, shaking down patrons for cash and creeping some folks out.

My town is about two-thirds Caucasian. More than two in ten are Hispanic. Just under 3% are Black.

The Lexus drivers are Black.

The magazine solicitors are Black.

The burglars? No one knows.

But just because people don't know doesn't mean they don't suspect that the burglars are Black. In fact, there's a firm belief that it's not merely a coincidence that the magazine solicitors come to town, going door-to-door, like Santa Claus, finding out not who's naughty or nice but, rather, who's home and who isn't. Factor in the scumbags in the Lexus, and many folks around here know the burglars are Black.

I belong to a couple of Facebook groups. One is called "TOWN Moms Club" and the other is called "TOWN in the Know." Lots of posts about the three big happenings going on.

Last night, when a solicitor came to one woman's door, she posted about her encounter with him and then posted a photo of him, smiling. (Yeah, lots of folks are taking pictures of the solicitors and posting them or keeping them for their records in case their house gets hit.)

When another person posted a comment, "That's just my baby daddy," I was enraged. I contacted the group's administrator about the comment. And I also wrote, "I think there is an incredibly inappropriate comment in this thread. I'd suggest it be deleted."

That's when another dipshit started posting about liberal "retards" and sayings about being "politically correct."

Yeah, I was pissed. But the first dipshit deleted her comment. And when she did, I posted an innocuous comment about "The comment has been deleted. Thanks."

And then the second dipshit deleted her comments. But then the two dipshits started going back and forth about free speech or whatever. So I removed myself from the "TOWN in the Know" group because, honestly, any group that exists which has such fucked-up people as a part of it isn't a group I want to be in.

A woman in the other group, that "TOWN Moms Club," happens to be married to a Black man. (She is White.) She posted about being at a gas station with her husband and seeing another woman -- no surprise, also White -- writing down the license plate of their minivan. When the wife came back to her husband and vehicle, the other woman -- Gladys Kravitz -- did a double-take and a feeble wave or some kind of acknowledgement that the town was in no immediate danger.

Am I sure the burglars aren't part of the magazine solicitors? Nope. Truth be told, I lean toward believing they are. But the absolute racist rantings by people who have no qualms of posting using their own names in a local Facebook group scares me far more than magazine solicitors. The worst part? These women are raising children. [SHUDDER]

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Mike said...

I sometimes question whether or not I want to continue participating in the "Facebook experience". I have found that Facebook has allowed people to feel free to fly their freak flags of bigotry, because they generally end up collecting a circle of like-minded friends which creates this perception of a friendly tribal atmosphere for airing their long suppressed bigoted points of view. It never seems to occur to them that there might actually be people reading their screeds who don't share their bigoted worldview. They become very comfortable in their insular world of racist validation. Still, most of them would not dare to air these same views face to face in a public forum. The buffer of cyberspace gives them a false sense of bravado.


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