Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I'm definitely one to go through life without regrets. Or at least I was. I find that, the older I get, the more I muse on the past and the "what-ifs" contained within. I try to swallow that bile. [Really, that's all it is, right?] I'm in my sixth decade of life, so I'm considering myself blessed to have waited this long before opting to re-examine past decisions and, yes, even rue them on occasion.

I do wish that I had developed a better relationship with my sister far earlier in life than I did. But when you're about three-and-a-half years younger than a superstar, it's hard to be in her shadow. Although she's shorter than me by at least an entire INCH, that's the only way she doesn't surpass me. She's really smart. She's really funny. She's really a great writer. She's personable. She's everything little sisters hate in their big sisters.


Until they grow up and mature and find their own way, only to discover the wonderful woman to whom they're related.

My sister is everything you would want to be. [Admit it, she is.] And she deserves butterflies and unicorns and rainbows and the unqualified love of my children. [She also deserves to win the lottery, and not only because I'm sure she'd share.]

It's her birthday today. She's old, man. Really, really, really old. Me? I'm still much younger than she is. [Did I mention I'm taller, too?]

Happy birthday to my heroine walking around in her disguise as just another human! I am grateful for the years we've had and the years to come.

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