Sunday, July 26, 2015

Continued...No New Lockers in Sight

Let me preface with this: the fact that the high school principal is replying to emails on a Sunday? Kudos to him. (For the record, I work every day, too.)

The initial post.

His response:

Hello Patricia,

That is extremely valuable feedback, thank you!  Please do not ever stop being "that parent." I appreciate it when I get valuable feedback from parents advocating for their children.  I know I will with my girls.  We have looked at ordering more lockers but they are exorbitantly expensive and we would rather put that money towards improving curriculum and instruction. The unfortunate fact is that the lockers we have, are the "fixed" lockers. We will take your thoughts into consideration moving forward.  Enjoy the rest of your summer!

And mine right back. Run past the husband because, you know, if anyone knows what a wingnut I am, it's that poor man. (Whose birthday is tomorrow, BTW. In case, you know, you want to get in early birthday wishes.)

Thanks, PRINCIPAL. I appreciate the response. While admittedly a limited sample -- given that like-minded folks seem to "FBriend" each other -- I can only say that the responses from others I heard from who received the email were similar to mine. I do not have precious snowflake kids. Heck, how could they be precious snowflake kids with me as their mother? But to expect students to schlep 50-pound backpacks back and forth to school because there aren't enough lockers is just bull. And while I, too, would rather put the money towards curriculum and instruction, I know that there are separate funds for facility improvements. It paid for the new administration wing. It paid for an improved dance studio. It paid for the new pool. They are separate funds.

I'd really appreciate it if you could let the new superintendent know that, until we're an all-digital society and kids each get a free iPad with textbooks loaded on them, they need to provide, at the very least, a bare minimum. And a locker? Yeah, a bare minimum.

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