Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Exchange with the HS Principal...Probably to be Continued

I'm just going to put it out there, with zero introduction. Except that sentence. Oh, and that one. Shit. Too many introductions.

The email from the principal of the high school Eldest graduated from in June and which Le Daughter will be a senior at next year and which Demon Spawn will start attending after Le Daughter graduates:


Attached is a revised PDF that includes all of the information that you will need for registration in August.  Please read the document and make the appropriate arrangements to ensure your attendance.  We have one very important change for NAME High School for the 2015-16 school-year.  Because we are extremely limited in the amount of lockers on campus we ask that nobody shows up early to place a lock on a locker.  The NAME High School administration feels that it is unbelievably important that our incoming 9th grade students have all of the available resources to feel welcome, comfortable, and ready to succeed as a SCHOOL MASCOT.  Therefore, all 9th graders will be guaranteed a locker on campus before any of the upperclassmen stake their claim.  Please note that if you arrive before August 14 and place a lock on a locker it will be cut off.  Thank you so much for your cooperation, and for your consideration of our incoming 9th graders.  Enjoy the rest of your summer!

My response to him, just now:

Yes, I'm going to be THAT parent. It would have been great to know about this before my daughter went to put a lock on a locker two weeks ago. Of course, the lock was cut off. Which is fine. I get that. But it would have been even better to know this before you had the locks cut off. I'd have sent her down to remove it rather than have to go buy another lock.
Just one more thing. Has anyone considered making the district fix lockers so you have enough? When my eldest went four years ago, we had to repair a locker so he could have one. Yes, we did. We're handy like that.

Yeah, that parent. And you're stuck with me for another five years. ;) Please don't hold me against my kids.

Good god, I love email. Also? I love the district. I love all government workers. Said no Patty ever.



Unknown said...

Yep. We went a week and a half ago, per your (and a zillion other parents') recommendation to secure one for my freshman and found every locker open. Luckily we were smart enough to ascertain that all the upperclassmen's locks had been cut off and it might be in our best interest to wait for instructions but geez...there had to have been hundreds of peeved parents who are in your position. Classic NUSD communication standards. And oh yeah, I kind of had to wonder if I hadn't pointed out to them the discrepancy between the days and dates they put on the first letter (the real reason for this new email - corrected dates) if we would have even gotten this locker notification???

Patois42 said...

Amy, I have to give props when needed. That principal has replied with aplomb to the emails I've sent. I just told him now to save me from myself and stop responding to my emails. Here's hoping your girl has a great year there. I've been massively happy with that school.

Unknown said...

Good to know!


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