Thursday, September 17, 2015

True Story

Text messages between the husband and me.

Me: When are you heading out?

Him: I will leave here about 9:30. Traffic will be bad before that. It should, all things being equal, put me back there around 5 or 6 p.m.

Me: Okay. Be safe.

Him: Will do.

Me: And happy anniversary!

Him: OMG that's right! Happy anniversary. I love you!!

Me: Love you too!

Him: Did we get a card from your Mum?

Me: How else would we know?

Him: Ha! Thank God for Louise


It's a running joke. We never know our anniversary. We know it's some midway point in September. But the only way we really know is when my Mom sends us a card. I imagine if we'd gone the traditional way and had a big old wedding, we'd remember the date. But we never did traditional. And there's no point in starting now.

Here's to -- um, how many years -- 16 years of marital bliss. And nearly 20 years of unbridled love.

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