Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Greatest Catch of Her Life

I was walking to work through Frank Ogawa Plaza this morning. (Yes, that Frank Ogawa Plaza. It really is quite beautiful.) A bunch of high school kids were playing a pick-up game of team Frisbee. I looked up from Pokemon Go long enough to watch 45 seconds of the action. A Frisbee was thrown far, far, too far for the 16-year-old girl to reach and catch. Only, wait a minute, she dove and caught it. Applause and cheers burst out. The looks of amazement and, yeah, achievement were visible on her face.

Waiting for my bagel at the deli, it occurred to me what a sad state of affairs it would be for that girl if that catch was the high point of her life to-date. Worse still, what if it was the highest point of her life she would ever achieve? None of her fellow players, friends and rivals alike, will recall it ever again, really, unless prompted by her in days and weeks to come. "Remember that catch I made the day we went to City Hall for a field trip? That was awesome!"

I told myself to remember that catch so someone beyond that girl remembers her glory for the rest of her days.

[What can I say? I was hungry. And when I'm hungry, I'm not a happy person. I'm better now. I'm sure she'll go on and have a most magnificent life.]

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