Monday, September 19, 2016

What You Learn in 1,009 Miles

  1. The time to take a kid to college is far shorter than the time it takes to get back after drop off.
  2. The Central Valley is as Christian as it is Spanish-speaking.
  3. The one palatable radio station will play songs you hate but you will make a deal with yourself if you can just hear any song you recognize, you will listen to it until the bitter end. Praise Jesus. Alabado sea el SeƱor.
  4. If you leave Fullerton without bringing anything to drink with you, you can make just one stop for gas, bathroom and a drink three or so hours up the road and not need to stop again until you pull into your driveway.
  5. My remarkably different oldest children live on remarkably different campuses. Too few toilets remain a similarity.
  6. Drop off is gut-wrenchingly difficult. Two in one day just doubles the fun.
  7. The trip register really does show I drove 1,009 miles in 42 hours. Which means saying 1,009 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything might get you partial credit on the quiz at the end of this post.
  8. My kids -- all three of them -- are really fun to be around.
  9. If you hear "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" on the radio somewhere around Patterson, you will sing loudly. And cry.
  10. I do owe the time of my life to Pete. I need to focus on making sure he knows that, particularly as we enter our 18th (I think) year of marriage. Happy Anniversary, hon!

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