Saturday, November 12, 2016

Acceptance of the Trump Supporter in my House

Part Three

Of course, it would be Springsteen who would provide me guidance about this. [Yes, I recognize that I look at his work and likely find the song or words to fit wherever I want to find myself on my own. That's possible. It's also possible that he and I have been linked since my birth and, while I have recognized that all this time, he has yet to discover that link. That's also possible, albeit less likely than scenario one.]

I heard him speak the words live, of course. And I've heard him speak the words on one of his live albums dozens upon dozens of times. Here's what I recall him saying: his father would often say he couldn't wait for the army to get its hands on Springsteen and make a man out of him. Here his father was looking at this rebel in his home, standing for every single thing he stood for.

Springsteen's story goes on to say he came home after a few days away and his dad was asking him where he'd been. He'd been to his physical because he'd been drafted. He failed the physical and told his dad they wouldn't take him. "That's good," his dad said. "That's good."

I have a son who would vote for Trump. When he wore his Trump shirt the morning after election day, I honest-to-fucking-god had the thought, "I hope he gets his ass kicked today."

I honestly don't know what he encountered. I didn't ask. I didn't care.

But if you were to tell me he didn't get his ass kicked for wearing that fucking shirt, I'd have said, "That's good. That's good."

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