Monday, December 26, 2016

Stand up, Village People!

A teen girl, I guess a senior at the local high school, posted on her personal FB page a rant about some 2016 alumni at a party doing a Secret Santa exchange. She named six people -- three young women and three young men -- as being there as well as a seventh, whom she specifically cited as not having received the gift meant for him.

The gift? A blow-up doll with that teen girl's photo pasted on it. Instagram was a flurry with videos and photos of it, apparently.

A member of a local "In the Know" page posted a screenshot of the girl's post. A few people commented. Within a couple of hours, of course, it was removed. The girl also removed the post. I've heard nothing else about it since the removal of the posting on Christmas Eve.

I've thought about it quite a bit, little thoughts, sandwiched in between the happiness of these last few days and the coming days, intruding. Of the six adults the girl specifically called out, I know two of the men and the mother of one of the women.

I want you to read that last sentence again. A girl -- the one who says this happened so the alleged victim in this account -- is no more than a senior in high school. Those six people she named are all high school graduates attending college who are presumably all at least 18. If what she alleges happened, then those six -- and anyone else there who participated in the act and were recorded doing so and sharing it on social media -- have committed crimes and need to go down for it in a blaze of fucking glory.

And if it's a lie, then that girl needs to go down for it in a blaze of fucking glory.

But in no way should something like this be allowed to play out and the real fucking adults among us sit by and let it. And that is why, my dear friends, I took screenshots of the post and intend to forward it to the authorities. Who is with me?

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