Sunday, December 25, 2016

Were This My Last Christmas

Were this my last Christmas, I would:

  • enjoy nearly unlimited time with Pete and our three kids
  • spend far too much time baking
  • pop in on all the neighbors -- even batshit Crazy Ed -- with homemade lemon bars, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal craisin cookies, lemon ricotta cookies, sour cream coffee cake, brownies and so on
  • see a movie out of character for some of us and discover we all enjoy something besides popcorn and Diet Coke
  • go on our longest death march as a family yet and discover the beauty among which we live
  • take Corrie the Wonder Mutt for long walks (regardless of torrential downpours) to make an old dog feel rather puppy-like
  • acknowledge that I have had a blessed life
And it goes without saying, of course, that if this were my last Christmas and I were to die tomorrow, at least I wouldn't have had to experience a Trump presidency.

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