Saturday, January 28, 2017


A couple of days ago, I read this post by Cynthia McCabe in Medium. In a frenzy of information overload that is pouring into me and out of me, that sticks with me. I agree with her 100%. Thanks to her, the word "triage" has been bouncing around in my head. I want to take it a step beyond where Cynthia takes it, and widen my focus to make it about people, not "just" women. I want a strong women's movement, but I want more. I want a strong resistance movement. As Sean Spicer would say, "Period."

I went to that Women's March not because I'm a woman but because I believe with most of what we're fighting for. [As an aside here, let me acknowledge that I don't agree with every cause in this umbrella of resistance, but I will fight alongside anyone in their fight against #VOTUS. I might not join you in the streets if you go fight against the death penalty or against the deportation of those who commit crimes here. In fact, I definitely won't. But I'll march alongside you when we fight against priority for Christian refugees, against a Muslim registry, against mass deportations, and so on and so on and so on.]

Sadly, I would fail miserably in a MASH setting as I'm incapable of pinpointing those who have the most critical needs. They all need help before I need help. On a personal level, it's the elimination of the ACA that will bring my family to its proverbial knees. For all those individual anecdotes that pro-VOTUS folks spew about the impact on ACA on this small business owner in Ho-ho-kus, NJ, or this pastor in North Platte, NE, what about my anecdote?

I've worked my entire life. So has my husband. We've paid our taxes to the growing legions of fucking leeches. We've raised our children into high-functioning members of society. We've been involved in activities which have bettered not only our family, but our neighborhood, our schools, our city, our state, these United States of America, and, yes, our planet.

But I get it. I finally do get it, thanks to Cynthia. I'm going to fight for ACA and beyond. But I'm going to fight even harder for my fellow Muslim Americans, my hard-working long-time-contributing undocumented workers, the Anne Franks among the refugees, and freedom of the press. In this country I see hemorrhaging from a slash at its core, its femoral artery, if you will, I need to up my game. You do, too.

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