Saturday, February 25, 2017

Blue Shield's Arrogance

The summary of the issue is contained in my email to California's Dept. of Managed Health Care:

This is to the attention of Maggie. (Thank you, Maggie, for your very helpful conversation just now.)

As I stated on the phone, my husband has a plan through Blue Shield through Covered California. I think it's a Silver PPO. He has had this plan since Day 1 of ACA, and we are grateful for the money saved and the stress we didn't have to experience for this period of time. Of course, rates went up dramatically, with my husband's plan going from about $550 to $941.31 per month beginning January 1, 2017. We received email notifications of that at the time I renewed his plan and have since received additional letters stating the amount (dated January 7 and January 26).

On Tuesday, we received the attached letter from Blue Shield (backdated to February 10) advising that they would be withdrawing $1,882.62 (precisely double the premium amount) on Feb. 28, presumably as March payment. We called yesterday and the representative told us it was a mistake, that Blue Shield's "back room" was aware of the mistake, and, no, there was nothing more I could do beyond just getting the mistake fixed for my husband. She suggested cancelling the auto withdrawal so it wouldn't happen and instead make a one-time payment of the correct amount of $941.31 right then. I declined to pay, saying I would wait until it was due on February 28. But the auto withdrawal authorization was removed.

It is stunning to my husband and me that Blue Shield can be so blase about an error that could have a tremendous effect on many, many people. I have no idea how many errors they've made. I can't find out. But you can. And the time to correct the error is BEFORE they start pillaging the accounts of people already stuck for health insurance because organizations like them.

So, please, get going on this! While my husband and I would have weathered a storm of $941.31 suddenly disappearing -- illegally, I might add -- from our account, imagine those who can ill afford to do so.

How about that, folks? See what Blue Shield is doing there? They have made a mistake that will have them withdrawing double the amount they are authorized by me to withdraw. And it ain't just me, folks. Heads up, you poor Blue Shield "customers," get ready for a doozy come Tuesday.

And, yes, I did notify the Los Angeles Times as well. Seems I know someone there.

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Magpie said...

For a minute up there? I thought you were talking to me. :)

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