Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Purpose of a Squirrel's Appendix

It is as I try to fall asleep each night that my mind most often takes me to the shadow writing of a blog post. Thoughts swirl around me as I process the day's or week's or election cycle's events and emotions. As my husband will readily attest to, I make leaps from one subject to another, leaving him puzzling over how to answer my last point while also addressing something completely unrelated.

When I gave up the whole God bit, I was left wondering what the purpose of living is. It is something that I struggle with quite often. If this life is all that there is, why do we even exist at all? Youngest and I slow for a stupid squirrel to choose whether to end his life by continuing on his path in front of my Jeep or opt to turn around and go back to the relative safety of a tree whose roots have mangled the suburban sidewalk. Youngest does his best "Up" bit -- POINT! -- and we carry on, tires unscathed by squirrel guts.

Why does that squirrel exist? What's its purpose? Raised Catholic, I have long, by necessity, bought into the theory that other creatures are merely props on the human stage. Humans are superior, of course, because they have souls and the chance for eternal life.

Oh. If you take that little bit away, that we have souls and there is a God, then humans fall the way of squirrels. If humans are squirrels, I'm not sure exactly what the Jeep is in my analogy. I guess it's death, in whatever form it arrives. Death, the Jeep of Life.

Since the upheaval in the world, the country and, now, my own family, Youngest and I have spent a lot of time pondering the unanswerable. We have had hour-long discussions about anything and everything. Like, what the hell are we still doing with an appendix? Or wisdom teeth? What the hell is their purpose?

They don't have one, you know, not really. Not any purpose that humans need now. They are no longer necessary.

Which leaves me in a long, windy, roundabout way to the conclusion that maybe we are no longer necessary, too.

*Cartoon courtesy The New Yorker.

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