Saturday, February 4, 2017

Use Your Voice

Dovetailing extremely well with my protest sign touting "I can NOT sit down. I will NOT shut up" are the words of Alison Malee, which now grace the front of my favorite homemade postcard.
I mail the cards to those who need to speak up and those who have spoken up. We all need to use our voices to resist VOTUS.

I tell my husband to unfollow me on Facebook as he already has to listen to me voice my outrage in real life. No need to force him to hear me in stereo. I have not checked to see if he has done the deed.

I don't think I've ever hesitated to use my voice to end injustice. I have used it on a small scale -- "Hey, mayor, what the fuck you doing parking in a red zone to go to the library?" or "Come on, DPW, get your ass out here and remove the tree that crushed a fence and is on the school playground" -- and on a slightly larger scale -- "Dear School District Board of Trustees, don't even!" and "Look, another Brown Act violation." Now, I am shouting to anyone who will listen and whispering to those tuning out the crescendo of outrage throughout the land.

The final JV soccer match was Thursday. There were some outrageously lousy calls, including a blatant red-card-appropriate take-down of one of our players in the box in the first minute of the match. My husband used his voice throughout the game to complain about the bad calls and missed calls. Youngest was taken down scoring our second goal, bringing us within one goal of equalizing. The equalization never happened, and the boys lost 3-2.

After the game, Pete went to talk to the refs. If he is not the creator of the school of thought of "If you don't tell someone they're wrong, they'll think they're right," he is its biggest proponent. I cringed, maybe even outwardly, thinking this could go south real fast. Then I remembered something. I remembered something big.

Use your voice.

Use your voice.

I'm not going to judge what your perceptions of injustice are. Well, of course, I will judge, actually. What I won't judge, though, is the act of using your voice. Stand up. Speak up.

There's no other way to stop injustice.

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