Monday, March 20, 2017

Chasing Something in the Night

I couldn't find my "Darkness on the Edge of Town" CD, so it never got loaded onto my mp3 player years ago and it never got added into my repertoire of all-Bruce, only-Bruce whenever I am in the car alone, and so I never listened to some of the songs for a very long time. Given that I feel like I'm in an all-or-nothing fight on too many levels to count, I needed the damn music. So down to the local music store I went, like any old lady would, and bought another copy.

If you've never heard it, or if you haven't heard "Something in the Night" in a very long time, I recommend listening to it. I'll make it easier for you by putting a YouTube version here.

I wish I had lived in Germany when "Darkness" was first released. Why? Because the B-side for the massively overplayed "Badlands" was "Something in the Night" in Germany. (Those of us stateside got "Streets of Fire" as the B side.) I worked in a donut shop at the time, and my friend Viv had gotten a job there as well. She loved "Badlands" and played it all the bloody time, spending her hard-earned dime tips to play it on our jukebox again. And again. And again.


I turn the radio up loud so I don't have to think.

I look for a moment when the world seems right.

I was born with nothing and I'm better off that way.

Nothing is forgotten or forgiven.

But it's the last one that verse that truly speaks to me:

When we found the things we loved
They were crushed and dying in the dirt
We tried to pick up the pieces
And get away without getting hurt
But they caught us at the state line
And burned our cars in one last fight
And left us running burned and blind,
Chasing something in the night

I am feeling quite on the run, burned and blind. I just wish I knew if the price I will pay to keep on chasing it to ease this fear and dread, to hold true to this fervent belief I have that we've got to make our stand now or never, with all or nothing.

Now it is up to you to decide what I am chasing.

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