Monday, March 13, 2017

Let Them Bake Cakes

Last week, I baked a cake for no reason other than I had made brownies for an anti-VOTUS meeting I was attending. I had made the house smell like that delightful Ghirardelli chocolate and then taken most of the treats with me. I saw that recipe for a chocolate fudge cake on the back of the cocoa powder bag, and I said, "Oh, the boys won't be so annoyed about the lack of brownies if I bake a cake."

It was a good cake. Actually, it was a great cake. As Pete helps to get the cake out of the pans, I bemoan once more the lack of cake pans like my mom has had for as long as I've known her. These are ordinary cake pans, mind you, but they have a built-in "spatula" type mechanism that cleanly cuts the cake out of the cake pan, leaving no trace of cake bottom in the pan. My cake pans are just ordinary cake pans without the all-important mechanism.

About three weeks ago, my mom was diagnosed with neuroendocrine tumors that has metastasized to her liver and other lesser critical places. On Wednesday, I managed to attend her first appointment with the superhero oncologist she now can call her own. Along with her sister, my sister and my mom, we all managed to crowd into the patient room with the aforementioned superhero doctor and listen, enraptured, as he talked of hard-to-pronounce diagnoses and even harder-to-pronounce diagnostic tests and procedures coming down the pike.

Feeling remarkably good post-visit, and happy to have her daughters hanging with her for a few days, my mom spent the past few days pretty much pain-free and hopeful. Attitudes are very important, particularly when your goal is to get as much as possible in order before you have to board the plane back to California and try to once again compartmentalize. In the midst of activity, I pull open the storage under the stove to grab a pan to make my ice cream dessert. I lift the cake pans out to reach the broiler pan.

"Dibs!" I shout. I exaggerate my movements to grab the newly purchased pack of multi-colored Post-it Notes so I can put one with my name on the cake pans. It is not unlike the "I call shotgun" and "I call window" and other childhood claims of rights shouted above the roar of the always loud crowd of five kids in six years. My two siblings in the house at the time join me in reverting back to childhood.

"No," my sister says, jokingly, "Why should you get them?"

"I'll just take them when you leave," my middle brother says.

My mother says, "Just take them with you now, Patty." [Incidentally, she also tries to get me to disassemble a vacuum and take that back home with me, too.]

The cake pans are, of course, in the storage drawer underneath the stove. They will remain there for a very long time, I hope. Every cake I make between now and when I have those cake pans, is a cake I will cherish, with every crumb of cake bottom sticking to the pan. I expect many cakes in the foreseeable future.


Magpie said...

Heartbreaking. My mother had those pans too, but they were long gone by the time we divvied up the house.

Anonymous said...

I will gladly let you have those, in the hope it will be another 10 years or so til you get them!!!

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