Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Old Angry White Woman

I am just an old white woman tired of bullies. And I am legion.

That's what I'm feeling right now. Maybe it was schlepping to the #MarchForTruth in San Jose yesterday, early so I could help with the set up. Maybe it was standing with hundreds of other people, listening to Americans from all backgrounds, talk about, really, saving the world. [Yeah, I really believe that. That's our purpose now.] Maybe it was the postcard I sent VOTUS the other day, asking him to "Fuck off."

But what pushed me over was something I saw in a closed group I'm part of. It referred to some antics on another closed (but less secret and discriminating) group that I also happen to be a member of. One of the women in the all-women's super secret group -- yes, anti-female-only screenings of a fucking movie, an ALL-WOMEN'S group --was being sniped at by some run-of-the-mill local crazies on that other group.

So, yeah, off I went to that group. And one of the biggest asshats in town, after my friend commented, went on to post information identifying her as a county employee working for the Board of Supervisors. Mind you, the issue at hand was not county-related. No, it was city-related. As in, the city we all happen to dwell in. And it's called "City in the Know," and people post items which are generally non-controversial. When the more controversial items start up, it mostly stays civil. But every so often, it's not so civil.

Like on that thread where the asshat posted my friend's career information. I wouldn't have necessarily seen the post at all, had I not been referred to it. I must admit my life has been consumed by larger battles of late, so I don't pay as much attention. But then I realize it's precisely because I haven't been paying that much attention locally that we're in the mess we're all in. Not just me, of course, but all of us, complacent in our bubble of contentment and kumbaya, as the crazies took over, by sanitation district by school board by planning commission, and we let them.

No more. So you want to know what I posted as a reply to that asshat? This:

"Where I live on the Internet, we call what you did 'doxxing,' ASSHAT'S NAME. 'Searching for and publishing private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.' It's an evil stunt. And you just did it with such ease. I'm impressed."

I am just an old white woman tired of bullies. And I am legion.

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