Thursday, November 7, 2019


Or, more precisely, the ripple effect.When one of my tribe is ecstatic, I am happy, too. When one is worried, I fret as well. And when one is overcome by remarkable sadness, I become overwhelmed with melancholy.

Oh, but if only it were just me experiencing the ripples. But it isn't me. It's never just me. And this isn't even about me. It's about the whirlpool of ripples taking out everyone in my tribe, which in turns ripples through their other tribes, leaving us all in a puddle of despair and hopelessness and fear, and anger at ourselves for giving in to all the darkness.

I am fortunate. I have been within those cascading and crashing ripples before. I have seen that there is safety once you can navigate through them. They do end. You do get through them. You will see and experience good and laughter and joy and camaraderie and friendship, and love. You will. I will. We will.

It's just extraordinarily difficult to see the shore right now. But I know it is there. I'm counting on it. And I'm banking on all of us making it there.

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