Saturday, November 16, 2019

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

I can't remember when I first put up a protest sign on the freeway overpass near me. It must be going on two years now. It was seeing a retweet of a Freeway Blogger sign that prompted me to do my first. I reached out to Patrick after my first one -- all via Twitter of course -- and he gave me some hints for cardboard sources and other places to post in my little 'burb of Novato. He sent me maps with detailed instructions on how to access the prime destinations.

The first few signs stayed up for two weeks or more. The longest surviving sign was my "Families Belong Together" one. The elaborate "Where are the Children?" sign, decked out with small children's clothes, also stayed up quite awhile. The shortest length of time? About 10 minutes, when some asshat exited the freeway, threw a U-turn, pulled up to the sign, and yanked it down, yelling at me, "You can't do that." The sign? "Impeach."

I just came back from putting up "Bravo Masha," inspired by the amazing Marie Yovanovitch and her testimony yesterday at the House's Impeachment Inquiry hearing. That might be my new favorite sign, although I was pretty partial to "Vote Damn It," too.

You might think I'm wasting my time, here in this little San Francisco Bay Area bubble, that I'm just singing to the choir. I dispute that. Hammering home the crises we face, day in and day out, as a direct result of the current White House occupant and his band of death eaters, matters. I shout it on Twitter, too. And I shout it in postcard after postcard after postcard I send. And I shout it in the hundreds of letters I send. I shout it at rallies I hold and rallies I attend, too. And I shout it texting in support of various candidates.

Raise your voice. Stand up. Rise up.

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