Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The Babbling Brooke

Only my name's not Brooke.

But babble? I am fluent in babble. I also prattle. Maybe I should have entitled this "Prattling Patty." But that's not much of a play on words. And, now, fresh back from a Google search of synonyms of "babble," I am back to show you what the mighty Google overlords offered.

Sure, I've heard of "rattle on." Wait, what the hell is "gabble"? Okay, sure, "chatter" and "jabber." But then, whoa, "twitter." Is that what it means? Have I not once in the nearly dozen years I've been on Twitter made the connection with its name? I have not. Well, I have now.

Let me meander back to whence I started. About three weeks ago, I left Facebook. For all the good about the platform -- especially for the ability to have groups of folks able to discuss issues of shared concern (like the current White House occupant, his merry band of death eaters, and local politics) -- I just couldn't stay.

Following the 2016 election, I stayed even after it became apparent that Facebook, at a minimum, allowed Americans to be besieged by Russian social media antics. I stayed because I chalked it up to stupid people. And you just can't fix stupid.

But Zuckerberg has now decided that Facebook will allow campaigns and candidates to run ads filled with out-and-out lies. Stupid is one thing, but even the most advertising-resistant among us know that advertising works, and not just in the case of stupid people.

And so I left.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey faced the same issue with regard to political ads. He took a decidedly different approach and will no longer accept political ads. Period. I won't assign hero status to Dorsey. His decision to let Donnie Douchebag violate Twitters TOS is shameful, as is his failure to allow so many white supremacists to do the same. And those political ads represent just $3 million in revenue. (By contrast, they amount to $350 million for Facebook.)

So I will continue to twitter on Twitter. Come to find out, I'm apparently also going to get back to gabbling on here.

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