Sunday, November 10, 2019

The Serendipity of Mickey Mouse

This is a true life story. It just happened yesterday. Pete and I were staying with our friend down in Pasadena on an unexpected trip the reasons for which I'll glide over at this point. While we were doing our own thing, our friend Leigh, her friend Bob, and her mom went over to have lunch in the Brewery area of L.A. and do some shopping. Back in the car, leaving to go home, Leigh spots a Mickey Mouse picture next to a dumpster, along with some artist-related gear and such.

She tells Bob to jump out of the Jeep and get the print, which he does, and they also look at the other items. Someone else comes as well and Bob asks, "Is this okay to do? Take this stuff?" "Sure, everyone does," the guy says.

It's only when taking it out of the car, after arriving at the house, that they look more closely at it. The matting is amazing, matching the colorful patterns on the print itself. They also see it is signed. And that it's a limited addition. And that it's embossed.


When Pete and I arrive back with Le Daughter last night, we know none of this. All we know is that Leigh wants to give Le Daughter that print. What you might not know about Le Daughter is she worked at the House of Mouse for two years as a cast member. (We jokingly call her a "furry" because we're funny like that.) Le Daughter is also someone who would feel very awkward being given what she figured must be a very expensive gift.

When Leigh told when we got home that she wanted Le Daughter to have it, both Pete and I were astonished as well. It sure looked like an expensive item. "Look," we said, "It's signed! And it's a limited edition! Wow! Wow!" The others go into the kitchen to get dinner on the table, and Le Daughter and I stayed looking at the print. She was really hesitant because of the presumed cost. I told her that Leigh wanted to do it and that a few hundred dollars means different to her than it does to Le Daughter (or even me). I also reminded her what Leigh said, which was to give the picture back to her if Le Daughter no longer wanted it.


We headed to the other room to eat, and that was when Leigh told us the story of how that picture came to be Leigh's to give to Le Daughter. Leigh was just so delighted at the thought of happening across that picture and, knowing Le Daughter was coming over, the whole serendipity of it all. 

"Mickey's World" now hangs in Le Daughter's living room. Each time she comes home or goes out, she will see it. For me, and I'm sure for Leigh, that picture brings my daughter to life. That IS a picture of Le Daughter. And she is loved.

 You can find one in a gallery. It goes for $3,500.

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